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Board of Directors

Meet our Board of powerhouse mavericks in the field of Education specializing in the support and implementation of Spanish Immersion programs for private schools:

Ryanne Plaisance

Owner / Head of School of City Kids LA.  I began my career in Chicago working with homeless families.  It was during this time I became really interested in our education system and how it was supporting all our children.  Education is the key for our children to connect their passions with a purpose.  We are natural born scientists. Children want to know things.  They want the opportunity to explore and discover.  They want to be challenged and in the best learning environments they often surprise us with what they can accomplish.


In the next few years, I had moved to Los Angeles and spent time working with both children who were homeless, in the foster care system, and in private school settings.  As a teacher I spent time dreaming about a school that would allow me to provide our children with an environment that catered to each of them.  I worked with kids in Preschool to High School as a teacher and curriculum developer.  In early childhood, kids would come to me eager to learn but by High School most couldn’t wait to escape school.  I often questioned what we were doing.  These kids were spending so much time memorizing information to ace a test but were not able to apply this knowledge.  I studied other school models nationally and internationally.  Charged with research that would better our education  system, I spent time working in administration and policy.  The results were slow and I wondered where my own daughters were going to attend school.  I needed something better today-- not in 20 years.  I wanted my kids to attend a Language Immersion school that focused on the arts as much as it did language acquisition.  I wanted my kids to learn biology by working with scientists in nature.  I wanted them to become global citizens.  I wanted them to be socially and emotionally intelligent.  I wanted them to find meaning in their work and education.  I wanted a lot!  It was then that my partner and I created a plan to open City Kids School.

IMG_3979 2.jpg
Brittie Crawford

Owner/ Director of the World City Center Preschool.  She started her career in early childhood education when she opened Tiny Sprouts, an in-home family childcare business, with the goal of providing a warm, nurturing, play-based environment to a diverse group of children.  


Before embarking on her journey into the world of early education, Brittie obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing and worked in corporate America for 13 years.  After 5 years of the successful operation of Tiny Sprouts, she decided to broaden her knowledge of the field by obtaining her Master of Art in Early Childhood Education from Pacific Oaks College.  Brittie’s education philosophy is that children are capable of learning through play and developmentally appropriate activities and experiences and that the best time to start to learn a second language are in the preschool years. 


In her practice, she strives to implement best practices and utilize research to guide her in developing curriculum and environments that nurture that capability.  She believes that every child regardless of family income deserves a quality education.

Zivia Munoz-Gonzalez..jpg
Zivia Munoz-Gonzalez.

I am the owner-operator of Semillitas Bilingues-My Family Child Care Program. I started caring for children as a nanny in 2003, and as my passion grew after having two beautiful boys of my own, so did the desire to open Semillitas Bilingues in 2016.


My passion is childcare, and that resonates with the quality I strive for in my Spanish Immersion Program. To expose a child to a second language during the early years is just one of the many ways that I can enrich a child’s precious years. I value the importance of social and emotional development of each child and make it my goal to ensure they receive the best care and love they deserve.


Studies have shown, the importance of the outdoors and the benefits it provides the children, physically, emotionally, and lognitively. And as a strong believer in the
benefits of the outdoors, I strive to provide our children with an Outdoor Classroom Inspired Program.

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